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Any Paint, Any Colour. Paints and Coatings For Industry, Trade and Domestic

We provide the highest quality paint at very competitive prices. We are an industrial manufacturer of paint so can offer a much wider range than other suppliers. Our paint comes directly from the factory so you can cut out the middle man and be reassured that your product is quality.

We value each and every one of our customers and do everything within our power to provide you with an efficient, friendly, quality service. By selling at the most competitive prices online, providing discounts and product reviews, we aspire to not only meet but exceed your expectations.

This is also reflected in our additional colour charts, specialist products and manufacturing facilities which can be used create bespoke colours.

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What Is The Best Floor Paint To Use For My Concrete Garage?

23rd November 2017

A good quality floor paint can drastically improve the appearance and durability of a concrete garage floor. Painting your garage floor is cheap, fast and goes a long way to maintaining your flooring by reducing the effect of wear and tear. Painting your garage can also partially correct an uneven floor surface, as well as […]

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4 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Floor Paint For Concrete

16th November 2017

Concrete is actually a fairly easy floor surface type to paint, so long as the right product is chosen and the surface prepared correctly. Painting a concrete floor with floor paint can add increased value and durability to your space, whether it is used in a garage, workshop, warehouse etc. However, we commonly hear reports […]

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Textured Floor Paint vs. Smooth Floor Paint – How To Make The Right Choice

9th November 2017

Whether you need to paint an outdoor parking area, a school playground, warehouse floor or car garage, there are plenty of options of paint to choose from. The most important factor is selecting the right type of paint for the floor type. For instance you may need a different type of paint for bare concrete […]

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Garage Floor Paint Vs Tile – Why Garage Floor Paint Wins Every Time!

25th September 2017

Commercial and domestic garages need a hard wearing floor surface. The floor is always exposed to spilt oil, water, grease and mud, so flooring should be quick to clean, slow to stain and reluctant to take damage! You never find carpets, lino or wooden flooring in a garage, and for good reason – these types […]

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