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Any Paint, Any Colour. Paints and Coatings For Industry, Trade and Domestic

We provide the highest quality paint at very competitive prices. We are an industrial manufacturer of paint so can offer a much wider range than other suppliers. Our paint comes directly from the factory so you can cut out the middle man and be reassured that your product is quality.

We value each and every one of our customers and do everything within our power to provide you with an efficient, friendly, quality service. By selling at the most competitive prices online, providing discounts and product reviews, we aspire to not only meet but exceed your expectations.

This is also reflected in our additional colour charts, specialist products and manufacturing facilities which can be used create bespoke colours.

Latest From Our Blog

Getting Smart With Floor Paint For Wood Stairs

31st January 2018

Painting your wood stairs can be alarmingly tricky if you are not prepared. Finding the right floor paint for your wood stairs can be such an ordeal that many people may give up, and just have bare wood stairs or carpet. However, there is a better way. Getting smart with floor paint for wood stairs […]

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Floor Paint Vs Epoxy – Which Is Best and Why?

Floor Paint Vs Epoxy – Which Is Best & Why?

23rd January 2018

If you have a floor to paint and you need a durable, affordable finish, the choice normally comes down to floor paint vs epoxy. There are plenty of variations within these two categories, of course, but you need to decide what broad type of paint you want to use before you get started. Which is […]

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Turn Any Room Into A Masterpiece With 3D Floor Painting!

Turn Any Room Into A Masterpiece With 3D Floor Painting!

18th January 2018

3-D floor painting is the latest design fad for transforming open areas of floor into little works of art. Even the dingiest factory staff room or waiting area can be transformed into a light, eye-catching space with the addition of bespoke artwork and a hard wearing epoxy paint. But what is all the fuss really […]

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floor paint for wood

Which Floor Paint For Wood Should I Buy?

12th January 2018

Wooden floors require a different approach to concrete floors when a paint job is required. This article delves into the question of which floor paint for wood is the best choice in different circumstances, and how to get the best results from wood paint. Surface Preparation Arguably the most important part of painting a wooden […]

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