5 Top Floor Painting Preparation Tips

The right approach to floor painting can ensure the coating’s longevity, shine, weather resistance, and many other properties. Preparing the floor for painting is even more important than the painting process itself. If the surface isn’t prepped properly, the most expensive paint can turn into a disaster.

5 Factory Floor Painting Tips

Factory floors are usually subject to substantial use. Equipment, heavy objects, fluid spills, and formidable traffic dictate the need for high quality coating. In order to protect the factory floor, it’s important to choose the right paint and use a proper painting technique. Here are some tips for getting it right first time.

4 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Floor Paint For Concrete

Concrete is actually a fairly easy floor surface type to paint, so long as the right product is chosen and the surface prepared correctly. Painting a concrete floor with floor paint can add increased value and durability to your space, whether it is used in a garage, workshop, warehouse etc. However, we commonly hear reports …